32Red Casino announces $250 Daily Freerolls

Free rolls have a special ring to them regardless of what games they are offered for and if they are made available on a daily basis, things just turn from good to better. This is exactly what the free slots tournament announced at 32Red Casino is all about, with details regarding the promotion being made available at http://www.32red.com/promotions/free-slots-tournaments.html.

There is no better way of starting a new month than by taking advantage of the $250 Free Avalon promotion, which just as the name suggests revolves around the popular slot game. Many of those who enjoy similar titles over the Internet have heard about this game which is shared by various networks, but this is the time to give it a chance. This is a very special race, because regardless of the time they get on board, players have the same chances to win.younewb

You could very well start playing 10 days before others and still have the same chance of winning, because players are being awarded on a daily basis. The prize pool is constantly refreshed and the luckiest players who collect $75 every day, while the remaining money will be equally split among the next 10. The idea is not to make someone rich virtually overnight, but to provide more players with a nice bonus that they can use on their game of choice.

The money is credited to their account immediately and it counts as real cash, which is rather the exception to the rule. What this means is that the funds are not subject to any wagering requirements and those who decide to withdraw the entire sum right away, can do it without feeling that the bonus will be forfeit. The lucky winners will probably find out themselves, but on the off chance that they are away from home, they will be notified by e-mail immediately after their names are chosen.

On the long run, those who spend a lot of time playing at 32Red Casino will have even more to gain, because each time they spin a dollar, they receive Red Ruby rewards. These are basically loyalty points and the more you earn, the faster you will climb the VIP ladder, with the most generous rewards awaiting those who make it to the summit. The points can easily be converted into casino chips at a rate of 1000 to 10 and this ratio improves for VIP players, upon receiving an invitation to join the Club Rouge.