Caribbean Stud

Caribbean Stud Poker is a fairly new addition to the casino world but has grown very popular, very fast. It uses the same hand ranking as we know from standard poker, but you play against the house, never against other players at your table. To make the game even more interesting, a side bet option is offered where you will be awarded extra money for especially high hands. Flush to Four of a Kind will give you a fixed amount of money from the side bet while a Straight Flush will give you 10% of a Progressive Jackpot and a Royal Straight Flush will give you 100% of the Progressive Jackpot.

Since Caribbean Stud Poker uses the same hand ranking as standard poker, the first thing you need to do if you want to learn how to play Caribbean Stud Poker is to learn the hand ranking of standard poker.

How to play Caribbean Stud Poker

  1. Each player makes an ante bet. Your ante bet can not be smaller than the table minimum. You place your ante bet in the field marked “ante” in front of you on the Caribbean Stud table.

  2. If you want to, you can make a side bet and have a chance to receive extra money for a good hand.

  3. The dealer gives each player five cards face down. The dealer also give herself five cards; one face up and the rest face down.

  4. Players look at their cards. If you want to play your hand, you need to make a bet. The bet is always twice the size of your ante bet. If your ante is $10, your bet must be $20, if your ante is $50, your bet must be $100, and so on. You place the bet in the bet field on the table. If you don’t want to play your hand, you refrain from making a bet. The dealer will take your cards and your ante and you are no longer playing.

  5. When all the players have bet or folded, the dealer will turn over her four face-down cards to unveil her five card hand.

  6. The dealer must qualify by having ace + king or better.

    If the dealer doesn’t qualify, all players will be paid even money on their ante. They will not win anything on their bet, but they will not lose it either.

    If the dealer qualifies, she will check each player’s hand to see how it holds up against her hand.

    If your hand is better than her hand, you will be paid even money on your ante while your bet will be paid according to the value of your hand. See pay table below.


One Pair or less: 1 to 1
Two Pairs: 2 to 1
Three of a Kind: 3 to 1
Straight: 4 to 1
Flush: 5 to 1
Full House: 7 to 1
Four of a Kind: 20 to 1
Straight Flush: 50 to 1

Paytable for sidebet

Flush – fixed amount, normally $50

Full House – fixed amount, normally $75

Four of a Kind – fixed amount, normally $100

Straight Flush – 10% of the progressive jackpot

Royal Straight Flush – 100% of progressive jackpot