Casino Titan raises the antes this month

March has been a phenomenal month for those who have an account with Casino Titan, as numerous promotions and bonus codes were released. The online casino set the bar very high, but they seem determined to exceed expectations again in April, with a collection of even more generous bonuses.

younewbPAIR bonus codes are supposed to be used by those who prefer table games and there are four of them that players can choose from. It all depends on how much money they are willing to invest, with the minimal deposit standing at $21, while those who hope to boost their bankroll as much as possible will be required to deposit at least $200. In exchange for their commitment, they will have the amount matched by a 220% bonus and the total amount will need to be played through 30 times.

Those who like slot games are a distinct category and on many occasions these are the ones that don’t mingle with other players. They have their own promotions and this April, they have six bonus codes offered by Casino Titan, going by the name of HITBIG. Each bonus code is followed by a digit and the higher the number, the bigger the bonus, with the deposit ranging from a tiny $21 to a massive $500.

At the end of the day it is all about the player and his expectations, with those hoping to extract the most from these campaigns being inclined to choose the HITBIG6 code. By doing so and depositing $500, they will collect a bonus of 380%, so everyone will start with at least $2000 in their online account. Regardless of the bonus codes they choose, players will also receive a cashback offer of $500 for both slot and table games, or $100 if they prefer roulette.

There are many similarities to the promotion that ran live last month but given its success it comes as no surprise that Casino Titan choose to follow the same guidelines