Get crowned as the King of Africa with Betfair

One of the most important tournaments scheduled for January is the2015 African Cup of Nations which is a great transition to the Champions League action for most football fans. Some of the best teams on the black continent compete in a tournament that has gained a lot of popularity over the last couple of years. All those who have an account with Betfair can participate and many punters will be also provided with a reason to experience the casino excitement.

Get crowned as the King of Africa with BetfairBasically, this promotion has the two popular areas intertwined, with each wager of €50 or more followed by a wager on the winner leading to a cool bonus. Qualifying players will collect €10 in the form of a free bet that is awarded up front and needs to be used to bet on any sports. There are even better rewards down the road, with a total of 20 free spins being on the menu and they are guaranteed to appeal to those who usually play slot machines.

Obviously, the free spins can’t be used on any game but a couple of selected titles, although there are dozens of games that need the profile. This makes the otherwise frustrating limitation much easier to bear and players will have a lot of time to explore the comprehensive offer. There is a deadline for meeting the wagering requirements but it is not too restrictive and the goal is to provide players with sufficient time and numerous opportunities to enjoy the games at hand.

The free bet of bytes to the standard rules that govern all such wagers, as players need to focus on those games that have decently high odds. The reason for why this is the correct course of action is that you only get to keep the profits you make and the stakes will be subtracted. Players need to make sure that they meet the wagering requirements before the deadline and patiently wait for their favorite team to win the competition.

UK regulators delay online gambling bill

Online gambling operators who have established a strong presence in the United Kingdom were terrified by the prospect of a 15% point of consumption tax being applied later this year. The news was spread this spring, when the UK gambling commission announced that it is inevitable for the new tax to be levied. There were numerous who resisted the idea and threatened to leave the British market, but the commission members clapped their hands clearly unimpressed.

younewbThey have good reasons to doubt the online gambling companies when they say that they are willing to severe their ties with the UK market. This is one of the most lucrative parts of the world for gambling and even with the new tax, these companies will still be profitable. While the debate is still raging and things could really go either way, it looks like the UK online gambling commission has delayed the implementation of this tax. brought the good news to the operators, but their joy is probably going to be short-lived. The delay means that instead of having to pay the tax in October, they will get an additional month off, which is not a great deal if you put things into perspective. The gambling companies took matters to court and a verdict is yet to be reached, with a judge analyzing the case and expected to deliberate in early November.

The odds are stacked against the online gambling companies and if the 15% point of consumption tax is finally introduced, they will have to make a decision. Why they have their sights locked on the UK High Court, they also need to prepare an exit strategy, assuming they are willing to go through with their initial plan. The main adversary of the UK gambling commission is the GBGA organization which brings together all these companies disgruntled by the new tax.

It is worth mentioning the fact that William Hill is not among those who are fighting the project, as they have close ties with the UK government. Most of these companies are based in Gibraltar, where they benefit from better terms and have to pay lower taxes, but apparently this is about to change. The vast majority of their customers are UK residents, so by the end of October, they will need to make up their mind and prepare for the worst-case scenario.

Tickets, bonuses and free spins at BetVictor this week

BetVictor casino continues its autumn offensive with a brand-new promotion that is aimed at celebrating the beginning of the Premier League. The most important football competition in the United Kingdom has begun and the top teams are already trying to consolidate their position at the top of the standings. Online casino players usually don’t pay attention to football related events, but this year they have good reasons to get on board.playinternet

The aforesaid casino runs two distinct campaigns and both of them will result in players collecting free spins and tickets to some of the most exciting Premier League matches. The first promotion goes by the name of 5050Sports games and it runs each week every week, with players being supposed to win seven times in a row to win the prize. It is not an easy thing to accomplish, but the reward is generous enough to make the effort worthwhile, as winners will be presented with a handful of tickets to top football games.


You don’t need to know a great deal about football to be a winner in this campaign, because virtually anyone can play the 5050Sports minigame and be successful at it. Each campaign starts at the beginning of the week and concludes on Sunday, so regardless of the time players decides to tag along, they will have the same chances as their peers.

If you are not particularly interested in football games and the prospect of watching the best teams live doesn’t appeal to you, then you should check the other promotion at BetVictor casino. This one is called Wild Blood and just as the name suggests it demands players to spin their reels of a slot machine revolving around vampires, which is, werewolves and zombies. There are 243 ways to win and on top of that players will compete for 25 free spins, that are not restricted to this slot game.

The promotion will come to an end on Friday, so if you hope to win 25 free spins that can be used at your slot machine of choice, waste no precious moments. While you are at it, pay attention to the expanding wild symbols which can replace all other signs on the reels and trigger enhanced payouts. The scatter symbols themselves have the ability of awarding free spins, while the ‘Pick the Blood’ bonus round will boost the regular payouts. The only eligibility requirement is to wager a minimum amount of €50.

Be a part of the Soccer Saturday Super 6 at SkyVegas Casino

The World Cup 2014 has ended, but there is plenty of excitement down the road for football fans, with some the most exciting European championships set to begin in August. Add to this the fact that the Champions League qualifiers are also underway and you’ve got plenty of action this month. Not surprisingly, many online gambling companies such as SkyVegas Casino try to take advantage of these new opportunity and have unveiled a brand-new lineup of campaigns.younewb

The Soccer Saturday Super 6 is a successful hybrid between those promotions aimed exclusively at online casino players and those preferred by football fans. Those who decide to tag along, will be playing for a massive prize pool of €250,000, with the winner to be decided immediately after the Premier League games come to an end. In order to win the big prize, players will have to correctly indicate the exact score of six games, which is a tall order even for professional tipsters.

On the bright side, the investment is minimum and players don’t have to take big chances to participate in this promotion or invest a lot of money. There are no strings attached and those who happen to correctly predict all the results will have the money credited to their account right away. It is entirely up to them to reinvest the profit or to operate a withdrawal, because the bonus doesn’t need to be played through.

Another promotion that runs in parallel with the Soccer Saturday Super 6 at SkyVegas Casino is aimed at new members who strive to increase the size of their bankroll. They are eligible for a first deposit bonus of $1000, with the amount representing a 200% match deposit. If you don’t have that much money or simply hope to experience the thrills of playing real money slots without depositing, know that all new members receive €10 for free.

In this particular case, there are wagering requirements and the bonuses are supposed to be played through 25 times, within the next month. Attempting to withdraw the funds before meeting the requirements will result in the forfeit of the bonus, so players should pay attention to the terms and conditions.

32Red Casino announces $250 Daily Freerolls

Free rolls have a special ring to them regardless of what games they are offered for and if they are made available on a daily basis, things just turn from good to better. This is exactly what the free slots tournament announced at 32Red Casino is all about, with details regarding the promotion being made available at

There is no better way of starting a new month than by taking advantage of the $250 Free Avalon promotion, which just as the name suggests revolves around the popular slot game. Many of those who enjoy similar titles over the Internet have heard about this game which is shared by various networks, but this is the time to give it a chance. This is a very special race, because regardless of the time they get on board, players have the same chances to win.younewb

You could very well start playing 10 days before others and still have the same chance of winning, because players are being awarded on a daily basis. The prize pool is constantly refreshed and the luckiest players who collect $75 every day, while the remaining money will be equally split among the next 10. The idea is not to make someone rich virtually overnight, but to provide more players with a nice bonus that they can use on their game of choice.

The money is credited to their account immediately and it counts as real cash, which is rather the exception to the rule. What this means is that the funds are not subject to any wagering requirements and those who decide to withdraw the entire sum right away, can do it without feeling that the bonus will be forfeit. The lucky winners will probably find out themselves, but on the off chance that they are away from home, they will be notified by e-mail immediately after their names are chosen.

On the long run, those who spend a lot of time playing at 32Red Casino will have even more to gain, because each time they spin a dollar, they receive Red Ruby rewards. These are basically loyalty points and the more you earn, the faster you will climb the VIP ladder, with the most generous rewards awaiting those who make it to the summit. The points can easily be converted into casino chips at a rate of 1000 to 10 and this ratio improves for VIP players, upon receiving an invitation to join the Club Rouge.

Paddy Power Casino announces weekly promotions

Until now, online casino players were anxiously waiting for the weekend, but from this moment onward they have good reasons to start celebrating Mondays. The reason is that Paddy Power has announced a brand-new promotion that focuses on the first three days of the week. It includes deposit bonuses, free spins and generous refunds, with players being presented with a rare opportunity of winning thousands of euros, on top of their regular profits.Paddy Power Casino announces weekly promotions

The idea is to enhance the user experience, while keeping the bar high when it comes to the source of titles they promote. In order to start of the right foot, players should take advantage of the first deposit bonus if they are just opening an account with Paddy Power. Boosting their bankroll by €100 from the very beginning should help them maximize their chances of staying afloat and surviving occasional downswings, without risking a lot of money.

Once this initial step is complete, players will get to choose between the games available in the live casino offer or other sections. The good news is that the weekly campaigns apply to all slots games in their offer and on Mondays, players will be competing for a jackpot worth €1500. Regardless of the game chosen, all participants are eligible for a payout and the ones who finish in the top 20 receive a payout.

On Tuesday, the field is restricted to 10 players, but the jackpot will also shrink to €1000, even though overall the winning players would receive a bigger amount. The competition is obviously more intense on Tuesdays, as players have good reasons to push their luck in an attempt of making the top 10. They can afford to sit back on Wednesdays and take it easy, because what makes this day special to online casino players is that 20% of their losses will be refunded up to a total of €25.

Players don’t have to go through special formalities to be eligible for any of these promotions, but they still need to opt in. The next step is to make at least 20 transactions to become eligible for a bonus and this applies to both the jackpot and the cashback. Speaking of the reimbursement amounts, before a single dollar is reimbursed, all winnings and losses will be taken into consideration and the amount refunded will be calculated based on the net losses incurred.

Win a trip to Brazil with Coral Casino

Some online casinos choose to specialize on a certain niche and completely ignore the other fields of interest, while others try to cover the entire spectrum. Coral Casino falls into the second category, as the company runs both a bookmaker and poker room. As a result, they have virtually unlimited freedom in combining their promotions and appealing to a broader audience, something that they just did this month.

younewbWith the World Cup 2014 around the corner, the latest promotion has a certain appeal to those who plan on watching the games from the stands rather than on TV. This is only the tip of the iceberg, because June will bring a string of exciting campaigns, including the Supercharged Slots. Just as the name suggests, this is intended to keep slot game players hooked all month long and it begins with a £20 bonus. The only eligibility requirement is for players to use this amount at playing the Supercharged Slots game.

Those who don’t have an account with the aforementioned casino, will enjoy another first deposit bonus of £10 which comes without any strings attached. Obviously, you still need to turn these funds around before operating a withdrawal, but they can be used at virtually any game in their offer. There are more than 300 slots and dozens of table games to choose from, so regardless of background and experience, players are expected to have a great time here.

The 4-4-2 Spins to Sao Paulo promotion is by far the most important one going live at Coral Casino, as it can send two players to Brazil in June. The purpose is to participate before the campaign expires, just a few days before the World Cup and hopefully win a trip for two. There are five packages of this sort up for grabs, so ten lucky players will receive £500 in cash, a paid ticket to Brazil and accommodation will also be taken care of.

Virtually all they need to do is to have fun and enjoy their treat once they get there and the most dedicated once can even play their favorite games on mobile devices. At half time or in the comfort of their hotel rooms, Coral Casino members will have unrestricted access to the entire collection of games, as they are compatible with both mobile gadgets and desktop computers.

Casino Titan raises the antes this month

March has been a phenomenal month for those who have an account with Casino Titan, as numerous promotions and bonus codes were released. The online casino set the bar very high, but they seem determined to exceed expectations again in April, with a collection of even more generous bonuses.

younewbPAIR bonus codes are supposed to be used by those who prefer table games and there are four of them that players can choose from. It all depends on how much money they are willing to invest, with the minimal deposit standing at $21, while those who hope to boost their bankroll as much as possible will be required to deposit at least $200. In exchange for their commitment, they will have the amount matched by a 220% bonus and the total amount will need to be played through 30 times.

Those who like slot games are a distinct category and on many occasions these are the ones that don’t mingle with other players. They have their own promotions and this April, they have six bonus codes offered by Casino Titan, going by the name of HITBIG. Each bonus code is followed by a digit and the higher the number, the bigger the bonus, with the deposit ranging from a tiny $21 to a massive $500.

At the end of the day it is all about the player and his expectations, with those hoping to extract the most from these campaigns being inclined to choose the HITBIG6 code. By doing so and depositing $500, they will collect a bonus of 380%, so everyone will start with at least $2000 in their online account. Regardless of the bonus codes they choose, players will also receive a cashback offer of $500 for both slot and table games, or $100 if they prefer roulette.

There are many similarities to the promotion that ran live last month but given its success it comes as no surprise that Casino Titan choose to follow the same guidelines

Celebrate Valentine’s day with Aladdins Gold Casino

Valentine’s day with Aladdins Gold CasinoIt comes as no surprise that the best time to gamble is the weekend and those who have an account with Aladdins Gold Casino are constantly provided with reasons to enjoy these days off. All you need do is to check out to find out more about the weekend promotions. This time it was different, because the weekend had a special holiday attached lead and the Valentine’s Day campaign will last for one more week.

The drill is more or less the same and players who took advantage of similar promotions in the past will not be surprised by what is on the menu. The wagering requirements are just as easy to meet as in the past, with the only major difference being the fact that on this special occasion the bonuses are easier to collect. If you think that this is a win-win situation and want to learn more about what Aladdins Gold Casino has in store, know that the deposit bonus goes by the name of RPLS75HONEY.

The name is self explicit and those who frequently redeem the bonus amounts at the aforementioned casino probably know how much they are about to collect. If you make a qualifying deposit, it will be matched by 75% and the entire sum is supposed to be used at slot games. You need to play this money through 25 times before operating a withdrawal, so don’t attempt to cash out early because the promotion will be voided.

Those who are more attracted by the prospect of receiving free spins should know that there is a special bonus code designed especially for them. RPLS15SWEET sounds just as good and instead of offering a percentage of the deposit in the form of a bonus amount, it will trigger 15 free spins. RPLS66CUPID serves a slightly different purpose and it awards a bonus that can be used at any game currently offered by Aladdins Gold. The first three deposits made after using these bonus code will be matched by 66%.

Celebrate Sundance Film Festival with WinPalace Casino

winpalacePlenty of good things come from Hollywood and we are so hooked to these movies, that sometimes we forget about our daily activities. Movie aficionados, are looking forward for the Sundance Film Festival and those who have a genuine passion for online casino games need to choose between their hobbies. If you find it difficult to make that decision, make sure you check out WinPalace Casino, because these guys have announced a new campaign aimed at celebrating the film Festival.

Basically, they have a couple of bonuses that are aimed at meeting the necessities of a broad audience, including slot game fans, table games players and the perpetual fans of roulette. STANDS bonus codes are the ones that slot game players should be redeeming each time they make a deposit, with a minimum amount that makes them eligible for a bonus, starting at $21. By depositing this sum and entering the STANDS1 bonus code, players will have their initial deposit matched 132%.

The more you deposit, the bigger the rewards and those who have more than $500 to spend on casino games, will find the 307% matched bonus irresistible. Good news don’t stop here for slots players, because they have six more bonus codes that go by the name of GREATEST1-6. Just as the name suggests, these codes are meeting the higher expectations of those who play for real money and they are the perfect incentive for highrollers to tag along. The lowest bonus is of 197% while the most generous one goes all the way up to 407% and the minimum deposit for the latter is also $500.

At least in theory, those who have a lot of money to spin and don’t want to miss the Celebrate Sundance Film promotion, can redeem the same bonus code dozens of times. There is a play through requirement that compels players to spin the entire amount 30 times but in addition to slot games, players are also allowed to compete at keno and scratch cards. Bear in mind that roulette, baccarat, sic Bo, craps and casino war games don’t count towards the wagering requirements.

There are plenty of casino games that have progressive or standalone jackpots at WinPalace Casino, so you can use these bonus codes to boost your chances to win any of them. The promotion will end at the end of the month, so make sure you are among those who benefit from it before it expires.