Get crowned as the King of Africa with Betfair

One of the most important tournaments scheduled for January is the2015 African Cup of Nations which is a great transition to the Champions League action for most football fans. Some of the best teams on the black continent compete in a tournament that has gained a lot of popularity over the last couple of years. All those who have an account with Betfair can participate and many punters will be also provided with a reason to experience the casino excitement.

Get crowned as the King of Africa with BetfairBasically, this promotion has the two popular areas intertwined, with each wager of €50 or more followed by a wager on the winner leading to a cool bonus. Qualifying players will collect €10 in the form of a free bet that is awarded up front and needs to be used to bet on any sports. There are even better rewards down the road, with a total of 20 free spins being on the menu and they are guaranteed to appeal to those who usually play slot machines.

Obviously, the free spins can’t be used on any game but a couple of selected titles, although there are dozens of games that need the profile. This makes the otherwise frustrating limitation much easier to bear and players will have a lot of time to explore the comprehensive offer. There is a deadline for meeting the wagering requirements but it is not too restrictive and the goal is to provide players with sufficient time and numerous opportunities to enjoy the games at hand.

The free bet of bytes to the standard rules that govern all such wagers, as players need to focus on those games that have decently high odds. The reason for why this is the correct course of action is that you only get to keep the profits you make and the stakes will be subtracted. Players need to make sure that they meet the wagering requirements before the deadline and patiently wait for their favorite team to win the competition.