Paddy Power Casino announces weekly promotions

Until now, online casino players were anxiously waiting for the weekend, but from this moment onward they have good reasons to start celebrating Mondays. The reason is that Paddy Power has announced a brand-new promotion that focuses on the first three days of the week. It includes deposit bonuses, free spins and generous refunds, with players being presented with a rare opportunity of winning thousands of euros, on top of their regular profits.Paddy Power Casino announces weekly promotions

The idea is to enhance the user experience, while keeping the bar high when it comes to the source of titles they promote. In order to start of the right foot, players should take advantage of the first deposit bonus if they are just opening an account with Paddy Power. Boosting their bankroll by €100 from the very beginning should help them maximize their chances of staying afloat and surviving occasional downswings, without risking a lot of money.

Once this initial step is complete, players will get to choose between the games available in the live casino offer or other sections. The good news is that the weekly campaigns apply to all slots games in their offer and on Mondays, players will be competing for a jackpot worth €1500. Regardless of the game chosen, all participants are eligible for a payout and the ones who finish in the top 20 receive a payout.

On Tuesday, the field is restricted to 10 players, but the jackpot will also shrink to €1000, even though overall the winning players would receive a bigger amount. The competition is obviously more intense on Tuesdays, as players have good reasons to push their luck in an attempt of making the top 10. They can afford to sit back on Wednesdays and take it easy, because what makes this day special to online casino players is that 20% of their losses will be refunded up to a total of €25.

Players don’t have to go through special formalities to be eligible for any of these promotions, but they still need to opt in. The next step is to make at least 20 transactions to become eligible for a bonus and this applies to both the jackpot and the cashback. Speaking of the reimbursement amounts, before a single dollar is reimbursed, all winnings and losses will be taken into consideration and the amount refunded will be calculated based on the net losses incurred.