There are three main types of roulette: French roulette, European roulette and American roulette. American roulette distinguishes itself from the other two by having one slot for 0 and one slot for 00 on the roulette wheel. French and European roulette wheels do not contain any double zero (00). Statistically, the addition of 00 is good for the house and bad for the player. French roulette and European roulette gives the house an overall edge of 2,7%. Due to the addition of 00, the overall house edge for American roulette is 5,26%.

French and European roulette have 37 numbered slots on the wheel, while American roulette has 38. The numbers are not placed in chronological order on the wheel. The aim of the game is to accurately predict in which slot the ball will land. The dealer (croupier) is responsible for spinning the wheel in one direction and the ball in the other direction.

If you want to learn how to play roulette, we recommend that you start out with European roulette since it gives you better odds than American roulette and doesn’t use call bets. French roulette is famous for allowing call bets and this can be a bit confusing for the beginner and make the atmosphere around the roulette table a bit perplexing for the novice who is just about to learn how to play roulette.

When playing roulette, wagers are placed on the roulette table. A bet on a single number will be placed on top of that number, while a bet on two numbers will be placed so that it straddles both numbers. You can also have your bet split over a lot of numbers, e.g. by playing on a dozen specific numbers. Other types of bet that are available are “Odd or Even” and “Red or Black”. Please note that the French roulette wheel does not use the concept of red and black numbers.

When you want to learn how to play roulette, it is a good idea to start with simple bets, such as Even or Odd. A Straight Bet is also simple, but your chances of winning are much higher on bets that pay 1:1, i.e Even or Odd, Black or Red, and Halves.

Roulette bets

Inside Bets

Straight Bet
This is a bet on a single number. The wager is placed on top of the number in question. It pays 35:1.

Split Bet
This is a bet on two numbers. The wager is placed so it straddles the line between the two numbers. It pays 17:1.

Street Bet / Line Bet
This is a bet on multiple numbers. The wager is placed on the vertical line separating the outside and inside betting areas. Your chip will straddle the first number in the row. This type of bet pays 11:1.

Corner Bet / Quad Bet
This is a bet on multiple numbers. The wager is placed so it touches the four corners of the numbers. This bet pays 8:1.

Basket Bet
This is a bet on 0, 00, 1, 2 and 3. It pays 6:1. Please note that 00 (double zero) is only present in American roulette, not in French or European roulette.

Double Street
This is a bet on six numbers. The wager is placed on the line separating the outside and inside areas, just as for an ordinary street bet, but the the wager will straddle the row above or below. This bet pays 5:1.

Outside Bets

This is a bet on 12 consecutive numbers. There are three different boxes in which the wager can be placed: 1-12, 13-24 and 25-36. This bet pays 2:1.

Just like Dozens, this is a bet on 12 numbers. However, instead of betting on 12 consecutive numbers you are betting on the 12 numbers found in one of the three vertical columns. You will find the boxes for this type of bet at the bottom of the layout. This bet pays 2:1.

You can bet on halves; 1-18 or 19-36. This bet pays 1:1.

Red or Black
As the name suggests, you can bet on red or black. Every second number on the wheel is red and every second number is black, except for 0 and 00 which are green. The wager is placed in the box Red or in the box Black on the layout. You can not bet on green. This bet pays 1:1.

Odd or Even
You can bet on whether the ball will land on an odd or even number. The wager is placed in the box Odd or in the box Even. Zero and Double Zero are not considered odd nor even. This bet pays 1:1.