Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold’em is a fairly recent addition to the poker family and it wasn’t introduced to Las Vegas until the 1960s. Today, Texas Hold’em is extremely popular world wide, partly because a lot of people have learned how to play Texas Hold’em from televised poker tournaments such as World Series of Poker Main Event. Just like many other poker games, Texas Hold’em is played in the forms no limit poker, fixed limit poker and pot limit poker. Virtually all card rooms (online and offline) that offer Texas Hold’em offer no limit Texas Hold’em, and fixed limit Texas Hold’em is very common. Pot limit Texas Hold’em is on the other hand considerably more rare. Reviews of online casinos in europe offering Texas Hold’em can be found on casinon.eu.

How to play Texas Hold’em

  1. Depending on the limit and betting structure for the table, blinds and antes will be posted. Blinds and antes are compulsory bets. Players will take turn placing these bets. The use of blinds and antes is in no way unique to Texas Hold’em or to community card games.
  2. Each player is dealt two cards face down. In Texas Hold’em a standard 52-card deck (French deck) is used. There are no jokers or wild cards. The two cards that you receive are known as hole cards or pocket cards.
  3. The players look at their cards and a round of betting ensues. You can chose between folding, checking/calling and raising. If you fold, you are no longer in the game. It is always the player sitting to the left of the blinds that starts.
  4. The dealer discards (“burns”) the top card of the deck.
  5. The dealer places three cards from the deck face up on the table. They are collectively refereed to as the flop and are communal cards. All players are free to use these cards to form their poker hand.
  6. The player sitting left of the dealer starts the second betting round, and the remaining players follow.
  7. The dealer discards the top card from the deck and place one more card face up on the table. This communal card is known as the turn.
  8. A new betting round takes place.
  9. The dealer discards the top card from the deck and place a fifth card communal card on the table. This card is known as the river. If you are still in the game, you now have five communal cards + your two hole cards to use when forming a five card hand. You don’t have to use any of the communal cards if you down want to, e.g. because your best hand are the two kings you are holding.
  10. A final round of betting takes place. Once again, it is the player sitting left of the dealer that starts.
  11. Now it’s time for showdown. All players that have not yet folded show their hands, starting with the player sitting left of the last player to call.
  12. The player with the best hand wins the pot. If players have the same hand, e.g. two players both have a pair of tens, you look at the remaining cards to crown a winner. If player A has 10-10-5-3-2 and player B has 10-10-8-3-2, then the pot goes to player B. If players have equally strong hands even when all cards are taken into account, the pot is split between them.